DeFi Derivatives Infrastructure

We are developing an infrastructure for on-chain order book trading that meets the demands of spot and derivative traders, market makers, and yield hunters.

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Unlock the full potential of on-chain trading

Spin strives to meet the demands of both professional and newbie traders by combining the best of CeFi and DeFi in a single product.

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For Traders:

  • Instant Transactions
  • Order Book Matching
  • Deep Liquidity
  • Low Fees
For Traders:

For Market Makers:

  • Fast API
  • Incentive Program
For Market Makers:

For NFT & DeFi lovers:

  • Utility NFT Collection
  • Staking and Farming
  • Liquidity Mining Program
For NFT & DeFi lovers:

On-chain settlement through an order book

Fast & affordable trading with our highly efficient matching engine.

Decentralized futures and options trading

Build capital-efficient strategies by utilizing risk management tools, leverage, and fully or partially collateralized options.

Incentivization programs

Earn Spin's native tokens for trading, market making, and staking.

Incentivization programs

Reduced fees for liquidity miners

Add liquidity to the platform and stake or hold your SPIN tokens to enjoy lower fees.


Trade anytime,


Instant transactions and low fees

Spin is built of NEAR Protocol — chain with high TPS, low fees, and a rapidly growing ecosystems

More power with Spin’s NFT collection of Freaky Elves

Get priority access to Spin's upcoming public token sale and unlock premium social and product features with Freaky Elves!

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A few words about us

Founded in mid June 2021, Spin is building a solution for on-chain derivatives trading that executes order book order execution model to provide users with CEX-competitive user experience. The DEX has already released decentralized perpetuals on Solana’s testnet and the alpha of the first spot on-chain order book on NEAR Protocol.

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The Spin Roadmap

Product milestones


Spot Order Book DEX (Testnet)

Q1 2022

Spot Order Book DEX (Mainnet)

Q2 2022

Token Swap

Q2 2022


Q3 2022

Spin’s Token Staking

Q3 2022

On-Chain Perpetual Futures

Q3 2022

Multi-Collateral Perpetual Contracts

Q4 2022

Liquidity Mining & Trading Rewards

Q4 2022

Liquidity Pools

Q4 2022

On-Chain Power Perpetuals

Q1 2023

On-Chain Everlasting Options

Q1 2023

On-Chain Floor Perpetuals

Q2 2023

Spot Portfolio Management

Q2 2023

Lending and Borrowing

Q3 2023

On-chain Options

Q4 2023

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